Intrex - Your key business partner in printing and labelling industry

We design, implement, produce and most importantly, we provide advanced care for labelling, marking and more. We effectively support the production lines of the most demanding companies from around the world.


We are passionate about fulfilling our business partners’ needs - from small and medium companies to worldwide corporations.


Since our beginning in 1992 we are focused on providing solutions for the industry worldwide.

Our team

Currently we employ more than 150 specialists and engineers, thanks to whom we deliver highest quality services and products day by day.

Service network

Our service hub is ready to provide swift interventions across Poland.


Our facilities are designed to handle personalised manufacturing processes, along with service requests to cover high demanding repairs and inspections.

Distributor and manufacturer

Long years of participation in the industry, apart from being successful representative of global brands have led us to develop our own high quality labelling and coding.


As an active market player for the last 30 years, we have achieved trust of the biggest worldwide companies. We provide our solutions to the companies around the globe.


What we do?


Industrial printing

Industial printing

The most popular form of industrial marking is inkjet printer. Versatile, it works in all conditions and on almost all surfaces. Inkjet printers throw out ink droplets and print small characters. For complex prints, we use high-resolution printers. Inkjet technology is suitable for both primary and secondary packaging.
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Industrial marking

Industrial marking

We provide comprehensive service to clients in the area of implementation coding and labelling systems. Regardless of the size of the company or production line, we are able to tailor individual solutions to meet customer needs.
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We are engaged in the production of labeling systems, always created and adapted to individual requirements. Addressed to you, our offer provides a comprehensive and professional service from the moment of ordering through installation to warranty and service care.
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Digital print

Digital print

We provide effective solutions for the printing industry supplying it with machines and components necessary for the implementation of digital printing at the highest level. Working closely with companies in the printing industry, we know the latest trends and the expectations of the most demanding customers.
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Automation is a technology that involves minimizing human input in production processes. Robotics and automation are topics that are increasingly common in various areas of everyday life. Recognizing the needs of a rapidly changing market, Intrex has created a separate department that focuses on the use of collaborative robots to increase the efficiency of production lines around the world.
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Our history and strong professional background

Learn more about our history and development of the company. People and innovations are what drive us to success. These two compounds brought us where we are now as Intrex.

Group 431
Domino distributor
Group 433
First labelling machine manufactured
Group 434
First machine installed abroad
Group 444
New HQ
Group 445
3000 units sold
Group 446
Production of auxiliary parts dor Domino
Group 447
100 employees
Group 452
Instalation of the first printing machine
Group 448
New production facility
Group 449
Establishment of Robotization and Automation Department


Strategic partners feedback

We are glad to recommend Intrex as a reliable business partner. Omron Electronics Sp. z o.o. cooperates with Intrex for many years. Experience, professionalism, innovation, reliability and commitment are the main things about Intrex that give results that satisfy our expectations. Intrex is a dependable partner we can wholeheartedly recommend.

Arkadiusz Bronakowski - Field Sales Engineer

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