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Automation is a technology that involves minimizing human input in production processes. Robotics and automation are topics that are increasingly common in various areas of everyday life. Recognizing the needs of a rapidly changing market, Intrex has created a separate department that focuses on the use of collaborative robots to increase the efficiency of production lines around the world.


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Individual approach

Every customer is an individual case, which is why we always take an individual approach to implementation in order to meet our customer’s needs in the best possible way. The range of applications for collaborative robots is very wide. As an integrator, we are able to optimize production processes by adapting the right device to the conditions at the production facility and the company's budget.

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Monotonous, difficult or dangerous tasks can now be replaced by a dedicated device. We can significantly reduce the workload of our employees and allow them to focus on tasks in which the human factor plays a key role. As a result, we do not have to worry about potential accidents or physical fatigue. In addition, our devices are safe for surrounding employees thanks to the scanners.


Programming and knowledge

Our robotics department is also able to prepare dedicated programs for each customer. As a result, we are able to control vision systems, and robots with a single software. This significantly simplifies the operation of our machines. Our extensive experience in implementing our solutions allows us to share valuable knowledge and provide our customers with the highest level of after-sales care.

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Vision systems

One of the important factors of successful automation is vision control. Thanks to the integration of cameras and scanners into the production line, we’re able to verify in real-time parameters such as label application, print correctness, packaging closure and much more. Thanks to it we can be sure that our products comply with our quality standards.

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