Domino and Intrex collaboration for the pharmaceutical industry

Providing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry entails a range of challenges. Each machine must be carefully tailored to the latest regulatory requirements while meeting all customer demands. With our experience in manufacturing machinery for this sector, we are ready to meet this challenge and the expectations of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. In this case study, we will present a solution that we delivered to Aspen, a leading manufacturer of medical products.

Aspen etykiety

Customer need

Requirement Specification, containing detailed customer requirements, we decided to join forces with our long-standing partners – DOMINO PRINTING and KUP Vision. Through the combined experience of the three companies, we developed a solution that seamlessly integrates a carefully selected laser, an advanced vision system with dedicated software for this application, and a high-performance labelling system.

Aspen etykieta i laser

World's first implementation of Domino UV laser

After defining the project scope with Domino, we agreed that to achieve the highest quality product marking, they would conduct tests at their headquarters in Hamburg. After evaluating all technologies, we achieved the best results using the latest Domino UV laser. It made the project even more exceptional as it was the first integration of the Domino U510 worldwide. Close collaboration at every stage of integration resulted in a smooth implementation.

Aspen laser

KUP Vision system

Our collaboration with KUP Vision, responsible for developing the vision system and creating dedicated software, also went smoothly. Once again, this project demonstrated the professionalism and attention to detail that characterizes our German partner.

Aspen skanowanie

Single label rejection

An exceptional solution we developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry was the label rejection station. In this sector, the prices of individual products are often high, meaning that rejecting each product due to incorrect labelling incurs costs for the company. With our station, in the event of incorrect labelling, the customer can reject only the label instead of the entire product. This solution allows them to maximize the profit generated by their production line by reducing the number of rejected products.

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