5 key advantages of the Domino Cx350i printer for your production

Environmental protection has never been as crucial as it is now. However, sustainable development does not mean sacrificing quality and efficiency. In 2021, Domino introduced the piezoelectric inkjet printer Cx350i, designed for direct printing on cardboard. This solution stands out for its modernity and reliability while being eco-friendly.

The Cx350i printer features a modern interface and is easy to integrate into the production line. Additionally, it offers environmental protection benefits.

If you are considering upgrading your bulk packaging marking technology, here are five reasons to choose the Cx350i.

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Eco-friendly inks: a revolution in product marking

The P-962BK ink, developed by Domino, is based on vegetable oil – safe and non-toxic. Optimized for high-quality prints, it ensures high contrast, with minimal environmental impact.

Waste minimization: efficiency and savings

Thanks to high print quality, the Cx350i printer significantly reduces ink consumption, leading to less waste, similar to foregoing an additional label. Advanced software settings allow for further savings.

In the Cx350i printer, the size and positioning of the ink droplets and the ink itself are optimal. As a result, ink consumption is 33% lower when printing barcodes compared to the previous model.

Printer software settings allow further reduction of ink density in non-barcode elements by up to 75%. For labels without barcodes, an additional 66% savings can be achieved by reducing the droplet size. Additionally, less frequent nozzle clogging reduces ink loss due to cleaning.

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Recycling: sustainable development in practice

Packaging production that can be easily and effectively recycled is a necessity. Packages printed with P-962BK ink are 100% recyclable if the print occupies a maximum of 5% of the surface, supporting sustainable development and recycling goals in companies.

Many companies have set recycling goals that exceed legal requirements. These companies, for whom corporate social responsibility is at the core of their operations, expect equally high standards from their partners and suppliers.

Energy efficiency: responding to climate challenges

The Cx350i is characterized by low energy consumption, responding to rising costs and global warming.

A typical printing and labeling system consumes about 200 W (or 400W for labeling opposite sides of the package) while printing using wax can consume 1 kW or more.

However, the Cx350i printer consumes about 100W for a single print head with a print height of 65 mm, up to about 175W for a four-head system. The Cx350i printer does not require compressed air, further reducing energy requirements.

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Uninterrupted operation: maximizing efficiency

In a sustainable production line, all energy is used to create high-quality, sellable items, with minimal unplanned downtime. The Cx350i printer is designed to maximize uptime.

The printer has one large base tank that supplies ink to one to four print heads, using an ink bottle with a capacity of up to 1.4 liters. Low ink level warning settings are sent weeks in advance to facilitate ink replacement at a convenient time without interrupting production. Moreover, the head also has its tank, allowing it to replace the main container without stopping work.

The Domino Cx350i printer exemplifies how modern technology can support sustainable development and production efficiency. Every manufacturer who pays attention to these aspects should consider its use.

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