High precision syringe barrels labelling – Intrex project for Radiometer

Radiometer turned to us because they needed a machine that could apply a high-precision label on syringe barrels used to collect blood samples. After a deep analysis of the URS (User Requirement Specification), containing the customer’s detailed requirements and expectations for the process and the machine, we designed the Intrex SEL 3991 PLUS labelling system, which applies the label with a very high level of precision and verifies the correctness of the data using the Cognex vision system.

Radiometer provides acute care diagnostic solutions for critically ill patients through information on various parameters. Radiometer is a  multinational company that develops, manufactures and markets solutions for blood sampling, blood gas analysis, transcutaneous monitoring, immunoassay testing and the related IT management systems

Solution - automation and advanced control of labelling process

Using a vibrating feeder, we place the syringe barrels on a roller conveyor, then using a high-performance Intrex 200+ labelling head, we apply the label on the product.

In the next step, with the help of an advanced Cognex vision system, we inspected the presence of a pharmacode as well as the precision of the label application, which was most crucial for the customer. defective products are identified and rejected at the rejection station.

After completion of production, the labelling system’s software generates a full stats report with: about good products/ bad products, causes of rejection, and performance statistics. The entire process is operated from a single point using Intrex Smart Panel software, giving full control over every step.

Higher capacity and performance, lower number of defective products, highest quality

The implemented solution – INTREX SEL 3991 PLUS labelling system – facilitated the automation of the labelling process while increasing production process efficiency.

The customer was able to reduce the presence of operators so they were delegated to other tasks. Radiometer eliminated the risk of mislabeled products reaching a market as well as reducing the number of rejects.

The demanding and regulated pharmaceutical /medical devices industry requires high performance and quality, both in the products released to the market and in the machines that work in this type of plant. Intrex stands for the highest standards compliant with GMP.

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