How can you label products and packaging efficiently and effectively? Find out more about labeling trends

On the Intrex stand we showcased comprehensive systems for efficient product identification, including labeling systems: 2202 PLUS for in-line labeling of double-sided flat products and 1101 PLUS for labeling cylindrical products such as cans or bottles.

Visitors also saw how Domino’s M230i range of printers/labelers work efficiently, making printing and applying labels fast and safe.

We also showcased industrial printers, including the Domino Cx350i large character printer for marking bulk packaging, the Gx350i high-resolution cartridge printer, and the Ax350i small character industrial printer for seamless integration and consistent performance in any working environment.


During the conference, Daniel Bartkowiak, an Intrex expert, gave one of the presentations. He talked about modern, ecological, and economical solutions for product labeling. What did he talk about?

Ecological and economic packaging labeling

Among other things, Daniel talked about ecological and economical printing directly on cardboard using vegetable oil-based inks.

It’s the solution offered by the Cx350i printer. Using drop-on-demand technology, the Cx350i accurately prints 1D and 2D barcodes and logos onto porous packaging such as corrugated and cardboard. 

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What’s more, the printer uses vegetable oil-based inks to minimize environmental impact.

The Cx350i’s interface is designed to make the printing process as simple as possible, and its high-capacity ink tank reduces the frequency of refills.

In addition, its precision ink delivery technology means the printer uses less materials, resulting in lower running costs.

Continuous inkjet printers: Ax Series

Daniel also mentioned Domino’s Ax Series small character inkjet (CIJ) printers. They are ideal for many working environments and offer consistent performance without the need for regular service visits.

These printers offer precise ink drop placement while maintaining good print speeds. 

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The i-Pulse system provides durable, high-contrast printing on various substrates. The advanced inkjet system minimizes consumables, reduces the need for servicing, and reduces chemical emissions.

Cartridge printers - the ultimate in inkjet print quality

Attendees also learned from the presentation that the Gx Series of cartridge printers offer the highest print quality, with resolutions up to 600 dpi. Their compact design makes them ideal for integration into production lines and their intuitive operation, thanks to a 10-inch touch screen, ensures ease of use.

The Gx printers offer excellent print quality on many materials, from paper to metal. Flexibility in label design allows text, graphics, logos, and barcodes to be combined on a single label. 

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What’s more, they offer Class A (ISO 15415) code readability, which is essential for accurate reading and product identification.

Importantly, these printers comply with GS1 standards, ensuring their versatility and wide application across a range of industries.

UV laser marking - the technology of the future

The UV laser is a real revolution in marking. The Domino U510 works quickly and efficiently, even on fast production lines. It works without interruption, which means production runs smoothly.

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It is ideal for new environmentally friendly packaging, such as thin, single-layer films, which can then be recycled. Thanks to special technology, the markings are legible and permanent, regardless of the color of the packaging.

The machine is easy to use thanks to a universal controller. It is also resistant to moisture and dust, making it ideal for various production conditions.

Labeling - high speed and precision application

Daniel’s presentation also included an important element: labels. They are not only a source of information for consumers, but also an essential element for distributors and retailers. Precise and accurate placement of labels on the product is crucial. The Industrial Labeller is the answer to these needs.


The features of our labeling solutions include

  • labelling of round products,
  • applying multiple labels to a single product,
  • top and bottom labeling,
  • non-stop labeling, i.e. labeling systems designed so that the process is not interrupted even when a roll of labels runs out.
  • side labeling,
  • tamper-evident labeling, i.e. labeling to prevent unauthorized opening,
  • labelling on packaging machines

2D codes - a revolution

Today’s retail market is experiencing dynamic changes, especially in the area of product tracking and identification. Although EAN codes have been the industry standard for years, their limitations are becoming increasingly apparent. They represent only numerical data, without additional information such as expiry date or country of origin.

In response to growing market demands, 2D codes are becoming the new standard. Why is this?

  1. More information in less space: 2D codes, such as GS1 DataMatrix or QR codes, can carry much more information than traditional linear codes. They contain the GTIN and the expiry date, lot number, ingredient information, and even links to product reviews.
  2. Support from retail chains: retail giants such as Żabka and Auchan have already committed to implementing 2D codes.
  3. Advanced coding: the ability to code in two dimensions (vertically and horizontally) means that 2D codes can carry much more information in a much smaller space.
  4. Innovation and security: 2D codes represent the largest advance in the retail industry since the introduction of barcodes. Not only are they more capacious, but they are also more resistant to damage, guaranteeing the security and accuracy of the information transmitted.
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