Your printer of the future – Domino GX

Industry 4.0 is changing the way factories operate. There is only room for modern solutions. That is why it is worth betting on printers that can be networked, are part of production automation and are easy to monitor. These are precisely the solutions offered by the world leader – Domino.

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Meet the Domino Gx small character thermal industrial printers, which are versatile and easy to use. They are most often used in the food, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.
Domino Gx printers have an extensive touchscreen. The interface can be operated directly or via the internet. Its printers, cartridge status and ink levels can also be monitored remotely or directly at the printer. What’s more, the Gx model has LED indicators that indicate when the cartridge needs to be replaced.

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The Gx printer also helps meet tracking and serialisation needs at the individual product level. It is designed to print not only dates, but also more complex information using 2D codes.

Domino Gx automation and networking solutions

The Domino Gx printer has a new interface and technological solutions that make it easy to connect to other systems. It is equipped with the simple and intuitive Domino Designer label design software, which allows labels to be easily edited by production staff in a controlled, error-free environment. Labels can also be designed off-site and sent directly to the printer via Ethernet or USB.

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This solution helps users easily create label designs, quickly send them to printers and improve error-free and production control.

Remote control and operation

The Gx printer is easy to use and requires no maintenance. There are no parts to service and the ink system is replaced when the operator changes the ink cartridge.

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Easy integration

The Gx printer is ready to work with other devices. It is also compact. The remote print head is the only component that needs to be installed on the production line, and industry-standard protocols allow the printer to be easily retrofitted. At the same time, the positioning of the head is very flexible and the controller in the Gx OEM version is optimised for integration into control cabinets and takes up 80% less space.

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Ready for the future

It is also ready for future industry challenges. This is particularly important in industries that require speed, such as food, pharmaceuticals or electronics, where downtime can mean a significant loss of revenue.

TIJ is well established as a clean, easy to use, low capital cost preferred technology for many customers. But it has not come without its challenges, including difficulty coding onto applications where big (>12.7mm) 2D codes were required, or where we could not print too closely to the substrate due to uneven surfaces.

That is, until now…

We are excited to be launching two printhead variants – EXT & OPT – that overcome these challenges.

The EXT option is available for the Gx series and the G50i model. It provides a print height of 26.1 mm (with one head) up to 104.4 mm (4 heads together).

The OPT head is available for the Gx series and provides a print height of up to 13.1 mm. For 2D codes, it can be positioned at a distance of 8 mm from the product, and for alphanumeric prints, the print can be applied from up to 10 mm away.

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