Domino offers the optimum egg coding solution compatible with Moba

Domino coding and marking systems can be integrated with Moba and Sanovo graders in egg processing lines. Combining CIJ printers with EU-compliant direct food contact inks, Domino’s A-Series i-Tech systems print high-contrast codes on white and brown eggs.

Domino’s Greg Treanor highlights the growing importance of coding in the industry: Egg coding is a legal requirement in an increasing number of countries because the codes contain traceability and food safety information, allowing to export of eggs abroad. Since 2004, a special code has allowed consumers to distinguish free-range and organic eggs from those produced by hens in industrial cages.

Moba Group Compatibility and Advanced Technology

Domino Ax Series inkjet printers are compatible with Moba Group standards. Domino’s innovative and reliable coding and marking solution makes it easy for producers and processors to implement eggshell coding on all Omnia sorters.

I am proud of the dedication of our engineers and product specialists throughout this process. As always, the Domino team used their expertise to find the best solution for our customers – says Dennis Gesellgen, Global Manager for the Egg Sector.

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Domino’s i-Tech inkjet printers have been developed with sorter manufacturers to ensure excellent performance, reliability, and ease of use in production.

Domino’s Ax range of industrial small character printers can be connected directly to the latest Moba egg graders without an additional interface.

Integration with the latest Sanovo sorter technology is also possible using Domino’s QuickDesign print design and control software.

High quality and production reliability

EU-compliant direct food contact inks are compatible with Domino’s Ax Series systems and offer higher contrast printing compared to previously used inks for the egg sector.

Importantly for the user, Domino’s egg coding solution saves the cost of service calls by eliminating manual maintenance, and advanced three-stage solvent recovery reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The future of egg coding with Domino

The egg market is a specialist area, in which Domino has a wealth of experience – concludes Bob Lilley, Solutions Development Manager at Domino Printing Sciences. – With our solutions offering excellent performance and consistent print quality, we are fully equipped to meet the demands of this industry in the future.

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