The latest coding and labelling solutions designed for cosmetic industry.

Between 19-21 of November we were present at 10th Congress of Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry – dedicated space of information exchange.

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In our keynote about “The newest technologies as a way to success” we proudly added a pinch of information regarding the best way to improve production process in cosmetic companies. Have a deeper look below:


Due to its nature, cosmetic market consists of variety of shapes, materials and types of packaging. It is extremely important to provide a solution to handle all types from cylindric to flattened ones, with ease of refitting.

Many years of experience and proven modules guarantee the highest quality of the final product.

Second to none amongst labellers

INTREX SET 2091 fits best when we expect high efficiency and best labelling quality of cylindrical shapes. Thanks to the rotary star module the labelling speed can rise up to 7200 pcs per hour. Additionally the device is integrated with CIJ Domino Printer for coding purposes. Vision control system verifies print quality and code grading of final product according to a pre-set pattern and if necessary rejects the wrong item.


High performance without downtime

Highest efficiency of top and bottom labelling is easily achievable by Intrex Non-stop system, made of 4 individual heads covering at least 200 pcs per minute eliminating any stops of the production line.

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Domino thermal transfers overprinters provide high quality codes. Likewise, SET 2091 will eliminate wrong labels.

Russian market

Cosmetics serialization on Russian market is still not well defined, posing many questions. As result of prolonged analysis we have come up with offering a label rewinder – offline 2D and cryptocode printer. Domino thermal transfer printer along with SEA Vision control system ensure high quality of printing, fulfilling recent regulations and upcoming trends.

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