Intrex 2020

Last year was full of great customer projects, meetings, installations, fairs and conferences. We are happy to present you our summary of 2019.


Thank you for another great year of cooperation and customer trust. We are heading forward, expanding over various locations with our standard labelling system for cylindric products such as bottles or cans. Likewise with our both-side or top-bottom label application system. We were happy to improve and speed up production lines amoung our customers, thanks to “rotary” units. Moreover, our team was delighted with all bespoke project, which we developed with our customers.


Pharma Industry

With Pharma Industry we are always up for a challenge. This year we presented unique solution for blisters labelling. LSC – 100 is prepared to shorten changeover time, vision control on each stage of the process and compliance with latest pharma and safety standards.


Our customers apricated flat box feeder integrated with high quality printer and vision control system. It is complete offline serialisation tool.



Thanks to partnership with Domino Printing, we had a chance to equip few hundreds manufacturers with marking device, such as ink-jet, laser or thermal transfer printers. The last release of Ax series printer is well accepted by local market. Collaboration with Domino Printing Sciences, is great value for our tailored projects, where we combine their printers into our bespoke solutions . One of the outcomes is Intrex Pharma 2D Pro for high quality printing 2D codes, tamper-evident labelling and vision control.


Marking in heavy industry

Heavy industry requires tough solutions. Our heavy marking department is constantly delivering projects that provides laser and dot peen marking. Laser marking systems in our portfolio are focused on top quality printing and highest workstation safety standards.


Vision control systems

In 2018 we have been announced as official Cognex integrator (Partner System Integrator). Last year has boosted demand for vision and control systems. Department for System Integrations is our dedicated cell to support integration both Cognex and Co-bots.

The icing on the cake is success story of digital printing – taking over packaging industry. Have a look yourself here:

dsc 4115

Thank you for being with us and looking forward for another exciting Year! Below active and implemented solutions in a nutshell.

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