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Are you exporting plants or plant products to the EU?

Plant passport and related topics concern you and your business.

Plant Passport is a document that proves that your plants meet the phytosanitary requirements that apply within the EU. Thanks to that we confirm that our “plants intended for planting” are safe and disease-free. With the introduction of the plant passport, more attention is also being paid to the traceability of plants. As a result, free trade and access to the European market can be maintained, while limiting the risk to plants free of pests and diseases.

The format of the Plant Passport should have predefined elements: should be in the form of a visible and legible rectangular or square label and the information should be permanently marked. According to EU Regulation 2017/2312, the plant passport must contain the following elements: EU flag, botanical name, registration code, identification code and country of origin.

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  • In the top left-hand corner is the flag of the European Union, in colour or in black and white.
  • In the top right-hand corner are the words “Plant passport”.
  • The letter “a” followed by the botanical name of the plant species in question.
  • The letter “b” followed by the ISO code of the Member State of the producer, followed by a hyphen and the 9-digit phytosanitary registration number.
  • The letter “c” followed by the plant’s traceability code. This may be supplemented with a QR code, hologram, chip or other data carrier belonging to the traceability code.
  • The letter “d” followed by the ISO code of the country of origin or production.

In addition to these fixed elements, you can determine the font type and size yourself. The starting point for these external provisions is that the text in the plant passport must be legible to the naked eye and that it can be distinguished from any other information at a glance.

There are various options for applying the passport to your products. The plant passport can be printed on the plant pot, the index cards, tray, plant label, etc.

  • The permanent label printing can be done with Domino small character ink-jet printers. Black dot marking directly on the surface of the pot will save time for additional activities. Due to the number of characters required on the label it will be a perfect solution for smaller production batches.
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  • It is also possible to print and apply the label. For large -scale production and big volumes, automatic print&apply machines efficiently and permanently mark the plants, thank to a label printed and applied on the pot or tray.

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