SIC Marking L-BOX laser station

L-BOX laser station is the most compact solution from SIC Marking, combining small dimensions with the highest grade components. High-powered laser source attached inside marks almost any material and gives superior performance with consistent, high quality marking all the time.

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Main features and advantages

Equipped with high powered fiber lasers that are very efficient and easy to operate.

Their robust and solid steel construction are designed to maximize user comfort and minimize fatigue or hazards in the workplace.

There are many different SIC Marking laser stations in our offer to choose from, depending on the dimensions of the parts marked, cycle time, mechanical options or programming environment’s needs.


Technical data

Laser type ytterbium fibre
Marking area available 60x60 mm / 100x100 mm / 170x170 mm
Marked part max. hight and lenght 235 x 500 mm
Security secure closing of the class box 1 (standard EN 60825-1)

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