Domino hybrid unit premiere day during Domino, Intrex and Graftonic open days

The open days were held in Grafotronic company headquaters in Warsaw on 8-9 May 2019 thanks to common effort of main partners - Domino, Intrex and Grafotronic.

Major idea of this collaboration was to present Domino N610i inkjet hybrid printer, equipped with flexographic print and refining Grafotronic modules.

img 8921 1

During two days meeting, we proudly presented advantages of digital printing options offered by Domino along with product refining options delivered by Grafotronic. On top of that we held a few interesting speeches that involved following topics:

  • hybrid print capabilities against other competing technologies
  • pros and cons of low migrating inks
  • label customisation using Domino’s machine
img 8886

Mr Arkadiusz Jasniewski, Director of Digital Printing and Pharma Support at Intrex company expressed his satisfaction, saying: “Once Domino and Grafotronic get along and focus on creation of a new hybrid device, cbining rare, high-tech solutions, we are sure it leads us to success. We are extremely happy as Domino representative to introduce N610i to the Polish market and currently we have sold five hybrid units. Since today we are about to plan an individual on-site trials, effective by end of May”. Our open days became very successfull and brought many interesting, ongoing projects.

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