Automatic labelling machine for mineral water manufacturer from Arabian Peninsula

Key mineral water and beverage company from Dubai introduced 5L mineral water bottles made of PET


The customer ordered our OEM partner to install a filling line for 5L mineral water bottles with wrap-around automatically labelling. The challenge here is to handle products of that size and high labelling capacity of up to 100 products per minute. Moreover, the products are not circular but octagonal and this makes the task even more difficult.


In order to meet the requirements, we used a fast labelling head: INTREX 200+ active. A special side belt with label immobilizing and stabilizing vacuum system for high speed labelling was applied for wrap-around labelling. In order to maintain the minimum distance between products during labelling we implemented double separating belts. This was the optimal solution dur to the weight of a bottle – 5kg. As a result, we designed a machine that is efficient, simple to operate and fulfils all requirements of the customer.

Machines: Intrex 200

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