Chestny ZNAK – Mandatory product marking system in Russia

Chestny ZNAK, which is a new standard of product marking in Russia is already in force. The new national marking system allows traceability of products from production line to a point of sale. We present some important information related to the Chestny ZNAK, obligatory dates and its impact on the production and packaging industry in the Russian market.

Here’s the key info:


What is Chestny ZNAK? It is a new standard of marking products in the Russian market. It was approved under the Federal Law on December 29, 2017 to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the goods sold in Russia.

A DataMatrix code is generated by CRPT (The Center for Research in Perspective Technologies). It cannot be copied, counterfeited or stolen. The code – is a unique identifier, assigned to each manufactured product which is ready, to be marketed or for sale. It is for identification of packaged products, as they provide traceability of each item, on their way from factory to stores.

Manufacturers mark the goods in their factories – this will be mandatory for almost all products manufactured in Russia or destined for export to Russia. An example product group being introduced now is dairy, which means things ranging from milk cartons to yoghurt cups must all be labelled with a data matrix code.

Timeframe & who is affected? Serialization deadlines vary by industry and they are being introduced in a step by step process since July 2019, with more industries to join over the next few years. The whole transformation is set to be completed by 2024 and will cover branches of nearly all industries in Russia.

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How the system benefits…?

  • Companies: It protects legal businesses and brands.
  • Customers: It provides an increased safety for consumers, guarantee that products come from reliable source and are not fake.
  • Government: It decreases the counterfeit market, increases tax payments.
At Intrex, we offer solutions of integrated hardware and software for product coding and labelling. Systems, that ensure highest level of quality and compliance with the new marking rules being introduced in Russia. Our technology can be adapted to work for companies in virtually any industry and in the most demanding conditions. From everyday items like milk bottle labelling to marking technology for advanced production lines.


We offer:

  • Marking & labelling stations – ready made solutions available immediately or customizable machines built to your needs;
  • Dedicated software to manage data and information through its integration with many systems;
  • Vision inspection systems – for quality control;
  • Worldwide implementation & service.

Additional benefits you get with us:

Along with the new rules and marking transformation in Russia our systems will help you transition into the new era of digitalization – Industry 4.0, that is already widespread and even Industry 5.0, the fifth industrial revolution that is slowly coming. Switch from the manual labelling techniques and replace them with automatic labelling and marking ones.


3 ways of adding the code onto products:

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