Industrial dot peen marking – permanent marking of metal and other materials

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Industrial dot peen marking - permanent marking of metal and other materials

Dot peen marking is the impact of the carbide or diamond needle of a device against the surface of a component. Then, codings consisting of a series of points are created, creating permanent markings in the form of letters, numbers, graphics and DataMatrix codes.

How exactly do dot peen marking systems work?

Dot peen marking machines use an electromagnetically powered marking stylus to mark a series of very small, closely spaced points to create straight or curved lines. Independent X and Y marking axes place the dots very precisely, which ensures excellent mark quality and legibility. Accurate and powerful stepper motors enable precise and consistent point placement with a resolution of 0.05mm on both axes.

Also called needle marking technology, the dot peen marking method provides fast data application with minimal pressure on the part surface. Text, logos and 2D Data Matrix codes can be labeled in any size and orientation.

Main features and advantages

Why choose dot peen marking?

Better efficiency

By using dot peen marking, manufacturers can increase production efficiency.

Less waste

Clear and accurate permanent marking of products eliminates the need for rework, scrap or testing due to incorrect identification.

Work in the most difficult industrial conditions

Marking devices, thanks to their high resistance, can work even in the most difficult industrial conditions. They are also impact resistant.

Control of the quality and depth of the mark

Easy adjustment of settings, distance between points and the distance between the marking needle and the marked surface.

SIC Marking – 25 years of experience

SIC Marking devices, of which we are a distributor, ensure full product traceability. The experience of our partner in combination with the knowledge and service facilities of Intrex (4 service offices in Poland) mean that the customer receives an adequate solution to the needs with full support during the use of the device.

Portable, stationary or integration marking machine - which one to choose?

The marking machine is available anywhere in the production hall.

In the case of small-lot production, large-size products and hard-to-reach places in the production hall, a series of portable dot peen markers will be perfect. These are mobile SIC solutions for permanent marking, which, thanks to their small dimensions, intuitive operation and high resistance, are recommended, among others, for work in industrial plants with large areas and warehouses.

High-performance inline permanent marking

The series of dot peen marking machines for integration are devices that have been designed to be easily implemented in the production line, mounted in automated workstations or inside processing machines. Compact, efficient and durable, they are ideal for marking on metals and plastics, even in the harshest industrial conditions.

Precise marking of even very small parts

SIC Marking stationary markers are ideal for high-performance production. They provide the convenience of marking elements of various shapes and sizes. The marking mechanism has been adapted to intensive work, providing speed and precision for marking even the smallest elements.

Who is the dot peen marking machine for?

Our marking machines will be useful primarily in companies that manufacture metal elements.

Permanent marking of their elements is used, among others, by the automotive, metal, energy and aviation industries – wherever permanent and legible printing is required, and production often takes place in difficult conditions.

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