Automatic labelling system SET 5596 plus non-stop for European chocolate manufacturer

Intrex facing opportunity of making a project involving automatic labelling of chocolate bars for one of the leaders of confectionery market in Europe


The customer has decided to introduce a completely new packaging for chocolate bars that involves automatic labelling. The packaging will be the same while only the label will change for different chocolate types. The challenge is to integrate a high capacity 3 lane labelling system with the existing production line. The new system requires virtually no maintenance which means it will not decrease the present capacity of the production line.


A well-equipped machine park of high productivity requires the most advanced solutions, offering the best productivity and minimum maintenance. In order to meet these requirements, we have combined 3 linked conveyors with 3 pairs of labellers that operate in a non-stop mode. We have selected INTREX 300+ labelling heads with servo motors. Moreover, the machine is equipped with 3 sensors to monitor label presence and 3 efficient reject stations using servo drives and rejects conveyor.


The machine is connected with subsequent machines of the line via digital inputs and outputs. This allows to automatically adjust its speed, stop it or start it together with the whole line. This product met all the requirements and the increasing sales made the customer order a new similar equipment.

Machines: Intrex 300+

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