Yetiq steps into the limelight to digitally print your adhesive labels on a roll

Web-to-print has been established in the events world for some time, being used to print promotional flyers, business cards and advertising banners.

The customer uploads a standard print file and orders a printing service from his supplier via a website. He then receives his finished output, printed on his selected media e.g. paper, synthetic material, carton, board etc. In terms of printing self-adhesive labels on a roll, web-to-print is becoming a real challenge due to the complexity of formats, range of materials, cut-outs and designs, and the increasing use of personalisation.


The need to streamline internal production processes led the company to focus on e‑commerce.

5sept etiquette 5

The company 5 Sept Etiquette, based in Courthézon in France’s Vaucluse region, is renowned for its knowledge, expertise and experience in printing self-adhesive labels on rolls. Fully conversant with the challenges involved, it has revolutionised the entire process and introduced a new web-to-print service for its customers. Today, using web-to-print to create labels, the only limit to the customer’s creativity, is his imagination!

The need to streamline internal production processes led the company to focus on e-commerce. And as a result, this has allowed the sales and marketing teams more time to devote to promoting high ‘added value’ printing solutions and customer service.

In March 2017, the company set up the 5 SEPT website so that their customers in the agri-food, cosmetics and wine producing industries could start ordering their labels online. Open for business 24/7, this easy-to-use, responsive website gives customers greater autonomy. It enables automated order management and processing allowing customers to manage their own orders, and benefit from quicker deliveries whilst also saving up to 40% on the cost of the labels. The entire process has been simplified with everything being done online from quoting, to proofing and delivery, resulting in no more transcription errors.


In February 2018, the company launched YETIQ.PRO, a new website for ordering adhesive labels.

5sept etiquette 38 is a unique, web-to-print solution aimed at commercial customers such as communications agencies, distributors, retailers and other creative and graphic arts printers. Files can be processed and printed on standard substrates with gloss and/or matt finishes.

YETIQ.PRO continues the work originally instigated by 5 Sept Etiquette and perfectly meets the needs of customers especially in terms of confidentiality and pricing issues. These two e-commerce websites are extremely easy to use and offer a rapid service thanks to an efficient process, a large inventory of printing equipment and organised data flow management.

Domino N610i Press connected to CRM helps create successful new e-commerce solution

At the heart of the company’s process is ERP. “All the printing processes used by 5 Sept must be connected to it”, says Cédric Caboche, head of YETIQ systems integration. All the equipment they have invested in over recent years is connected to it, and the Domino N610i digital ink jet label press is no exception.

The Domino press is extremely reliable. It boasts high print quality, consistent colours and ultra fast make-ready times. With low maintenance and maximum uptime, it makes a major contribution to the success of the company’s e-commerce solutions. With the capability to print over 90% of the Pantone colour range, it unleashes creativity without the need for plates or complex combinations of spot colours. It also offers the most highly opaque white available on the market, offering a cost-effective alternative to silk-screen printing

“We share our vision with our suppliers. When we commit to delivering within 3 to 4 days, our suppliers also commit to this and ensure that any maintenance tasks required do not disrupt our production schedules.”

Agathe Vincent, Head of Digital Media at 5 Sept Étiquette

YETIQ’s main challenges now are to develop sufficient revenue to progress towards Industry 4.0 and web production. Yetiq will soon become a fully-fledged start-up company in its own right, with its own designated production site to aid its continued growth and development.

Industry 4.0 is a unique opportunity, not only to maintain the company’s position as market leader, but also for it to grow and prosper: a new industrial revolution is underway.

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