Label – a factor creating the value of packaging

More and more businesses are changing their products and packages to meet with constantly evolving customer demands. Customers are always eager to try something new which will be appealing from very beginning. Product package is first thing that customer see, and first asset of a product to bring customer attention. At Intrex we believe that label is creating unique value of any package. Correct way of label placement, quality materials, eye-catching graphics are only few thigs which can help customer decide. Our mission is to help customers realizing full marketing potential of their products by creating unique machinery solutions in labelling and coding. Great example of it is our cooperation in Norway with Brynild Gruppen. Brynild Gruppen AS is one of Norway’s largest family-owned confectionary manufacturers with roots going back to 1895, and headquarter located in Fredrikstad.


Customer most important requirements were:

  •   Capacity up to 75 p/min
  •  Possibility of front and back labelling as well as wrap around
  •  Transparent no-label result  
  •  Universal for different conical and cylindrical products
  •  Custom top label
  •  Easy to integrate with current line
  •  Modern PLC with user management system and possible remote diagnostics
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We are happy to present you final result in movie below: 

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