Choosing a thermal transfer overprinter: 7 key considerations

It’s about more than just the printer model you choose. Getting the best from thermal transfer overprinting technology requires finding a supplier who can optimise the technology for your production line and minimise downtime with support that’s there when you need it. Here are seven key considerations when choosing a TTO supplier.

Why use thermal transfer overprinting (TTO)?

The major benefit of TTO is that it’s exceptionally good at providing high quality printing on to flexible packaging materials and labels. It’s a speedy way to print everything from simple best before dates and batch codes to logos, product descriptions, nutritional panels, fully compliant barcodes and more. TTO is especially cost-effective in sectors with multiple SKUs and high output such as food, pharmaceuticals, beverage and tobacco.

Main features and advantages

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What next?

Take a look at our V-Series. It’s a highly advanced range of TTO technology that’s great for your bottom line. Designed for crisp, clear coding, the V-Series delivers the highest resolutions (300dpi) at the fastest speeds in the industry. As the leading global supplier of coding and traceability technology for the food, pharmaceutical, medical and industrial sectors, you can trust our commitment to your production goals and performance.Come and find out more.

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