Intrex Easy Stack – Palletizer – how to work less and gain even more

Automation pays off – Intrex Easy Stack - Palletizer

Automation is a process of replacing repetitive and burdening human activities with machines. Thanks to it, we increase the efficiency of the entire production process. This was the case with Inko Time.

Inko Time is a supplier of tourist industry products and a manufacturer of gas cartridges.

They were looking for a solution that would automate the process of stacking cartons on a pallet. The challenge we had to face was the height at which it was necessary to arrange the cartons.

“Until now, stacking heavy 10 kg cartons at a height of 2 meters was the task of our employees, which meant that they were heavily burdened and the process itself was not effective enough” Wojciech Dudycz, Owner – Inko Time

The Intrex Palletizer comes in handy:

“At Intrex, we always focus on the customer’s needs. In the case of Inko Time, the biggest challenge we had to face was the height at which it was necessary to stack the cartons. Thanks to a column specially designed by us, we were able to meet all the requirements that were set before us. It is another project that confirms our belief that an individual approach to the client is the only way to his satisfaction.” Mateusz Andrzejewski, Intrex

Main features and advantages

Why Automation Pays Off?

Automation is primarily about supporting employees on production lines. Thanks to robotization in positions where heavy products are packed, the employee is physically relieved. The work is smooth and the risk of error is almost zero. The use of robots is an ideal opportunity to improve employee qualifications. Robots are an alternative to human work, but they need a person who will be able to handle them.

By adjusting the system in such a way as to be simple and intuitive, this process is not associated with a long implementation of the employee. Even one that has not dealt with collaborative robots so far.

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