III Congress Self-adhesive Labels  2023

Nearly 270 guests honored their presence in beautiful Kolobrzeg, there were 24 presentations and countless interesting talks. 

 Our colleague Artur Gondek talked about digital printing, with a special focus on hybrid solutions.

Domino Digital Printing Equipment is a solution that helps many printers around the world and in Poland run their businesses. More than a thousand N-series machines installed in label printing plants worldwide place Domino among the leading suppliers of digital label printing machines. Domino devices are machines that easily fit into the technological and business structure of a modern printing house. Therefore, Domino’s solutions are largely so-called hybrid machines combining digital printing, flexographic printing and post-printing processing. The current direction of the printing industry indicates the need for digitization and standardization of production, but with increasing numbers of label versions, and shortening print runs. All this is happening with the continued overall growth of the label and packaging market. To move in this direction smoothly and profitably for printers, it is necessary to invest in digital machines and combine this technology with conventional solutions. Domino equipment provides our customers with a safe investment in proven and reliable technology and, above all, a reasonable and extremely competitive price for solutions and operation. A remarkable advantage of Domino digital printing machines is their ease of integration with finishing, so that many production processes take place in one line. The experience of our consultants will certainly help our customers in choosing the right and cost-effective configuration of solutions for label printing and finishing. 



Domino is a piezoelectric ink jet printing technology. 

Proven, stable and gaining more and more users due to its quality, predictability and very good balance between purchase cost, use and capabilities. The quality of labels printed on our machines is excellent and, above all, accepted by the customers of printing houses and, most importantly, by consumers. Cheaper printing of short runs provides more profit for the printing house. Such labels are also more environmentally friendly, as less energy and materials are used to produce them by reducing production waste to almost nothing.

As mentioned above, one of the goals of using a digital printing machine its to minimize production waste. “Hybrid” machine is slowly conquering the market, because its capabilities allow, among other things, to eliminate unnecessary waste. There is also a huge savings in reducing the number of intermediate processes by combining them into one “hybrid” line.

domino n730i 1200dpi digital colour label press open
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