Automatic packaging line in Ovovita company

Ovovita company - leading egg producer in Poland and Europe. More than 25 years in the market and urge to develop made a user of high-tech egg coding and sorting solutions.

Our vision:

Ovovita’s main goal is to achieve full automatization of production process. The toughest part was to replace manual egg stampling by automatic process taking place on 16 simultanous boxing lines. After deep analisys we have offerd our G-Series printer.

  • This solution is based on ink cartridges and 4 independent printheads, whereas each of them print separate set of characters

“We agreed the best fitted device would be Domino G320i with 4 printheads, thus we delivered solution to handle 16 packaging lines.”

Moreover to expedite whole process, we also delivered our own user friendly software to control entire printing process, making operator’s life easier. That was also possible thanks to built-in touch panel, reducing breaks and refitting time.

  • Applying Ink Jet technology TIJ (Thermal Ink Jet) and fast drying, abrasion resistant, contrastive inks, have reduced total cost of ownership

We also combined and configured egg classifier Moba Omnia 330 with one of ours Ink Jet printers Domino A420 i-Tech Egg Coder version.


INTREX for many years build a leading position accross egg coding industry. Vast experience of Domino and Intrex together let us complete large number of demanding projects.


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