Intrex AP-1000 Automatyzacja linii do etykietowania i pakowania strzykawek

Intrex AP - 1000 Automated labelling and packing line for syringes

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PCI Days 2019


A premiere edition of PCI Days 2019 Fair became a great success responding to major pharma and cosmetic industry needs.

Amongst fair's exhibitors you could easily find vendors of raw materials. packages, drugs and cosmetic production machines, labolatory facilities, coding and labelling solutions, logistic, IT services and many more.

Our Intrex Pharma compact feeder is made to handle flat package surfaces, designed for offline marking, including print and control. Simultaneously thanks our business partner SEA VISION, another Intrex Pharma solution - The Winder was presented during the fair.

"The roll-to-roll enable us to add thermal print and high quality 2D codes control, as well as alphanumeric marks on self adhesive labels. It is an ideal solution for offline serialization as response to the most recent needs and trends of pharma industry" - said Piotr Kromer, Intrex Pharma Manager

Being able to contribute in PCI Fair gave us chance to meet and inspire, therefore became highly motivating to us to intense development of new pharma dedicated solutions.

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