Egg marking – which ink would be the best for the eggshell?

What kind of data should be included on the eggshell? Which solution is most suitable for the food industry?

World Egg Day – every year, Egg Day is celebrated worldwide on the second Friday of October. Since 1996, this day is to raise customers’ awareness about health aspects of eggs, but not only. Eggs mean advantages at every stage of human life and egg industry is an important source of income for many countries.

Did you know that during the last 5 years Polish citizens ate between 139 and 162 eggs annually? Due to the scale of egg production in Poland, our country is on the 6th place within the EU with 9% shares of the whole EU production. For more than 20 years members of EU have been obligated to mark all eggs dedicated for sale with the information code that is supposed to provide full product traceability. If producers meet those requirements, they are able to expand their sales in a new market with eggs of confirmed quality.

How to mark eggs with a clear, durable and standard compliant print? Which printers would be the best for your production line?

Choice of the proper ink

Marking inks have to be manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) and Direct Food Contact guidelines to support local food legislation requirements and also compliant with the EU, FDA and Chinese regulations on food additives and Kosher certified depending on the target market.On the other hand, from the producer’s point of view, marketing aspects are important:

  • visible contrast on the brown and white eggshell – as readable print is important for our customers;
  • fast drying – sorting and packaging lines very often work at high speed, so if the ink did not dry fast enough, the print would become unreadable and visually unattractive.

Trying to meet the requirements of more and more precise eggshell coding, Domino made inks that are compliant with all regulations. In our portfolio you can find refrigeration, water and eggwhite resistant red, blue and green inks.


Communication with graders

Domino Printers Ax-series are equipped with the Eggnet protocol which seamlessly integrates with grading lines made by Moba, the renowned leading manufacturer of egg grading, packing and processing machines. The co-operation between the Dutch company and Domino allows to choose machines that are suitable for specific needs taking into consideration quantity of chickens and daily output.


Industrial printers in harsh environments  

It is worth noting that the market does not just consist of big egg producers and that is why Domino Ax-Series printers can also be used in a single production line. There are a few aspects that all 

producers have in common; one of them is working conditions. Due to this aspect, the cabinet of Ax-Series is made in IP55 standard with IP66 electronics enclosure and optional 316 stainless steel cabinet to provide maximum protection during washdowns.


We have been coding on eggs since 1997

In this field, Intrex as a sole distributor of Domino in Poland has more than 28 years of experience and the first Domino egg printer in our country was installed in 1997. Through these years we have gained the trust of many egg producers not only in case of direct eggshell coding, but also in marking or labelling egg packaging. One of them is Ovovita.

Find more about the implementation of egg coding systems at one of the biggest egg producers in Poland:

See our machines in action:

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