Intrex AP-1000 Automatyzacja linii do etykietowania i pakowania strzykawek

Intrex AP - 1000 Automated labelling and packing line for syringes

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International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Packaging Materials 2019


Warsaw Pack is extraordinary event that gathers all packaging industry branches. Fair is divided into following zones: packaging techniques, automatisation, materials, prints and labels, logistics, warehousing, displaying and general packaging.

As a manufacturer of labelling devices and Polish distributor of Domino industrial printers we hereby present our fruit of long-standing collaboration:

  • Domino Ax350 – inkjet printer, best fitted for medium and high speed production lines. Thanks to wide range of specialistic and pigmented inks provides marking on demanding surfaces.
  • Print and labelling device Domino M230i is a combination of thermotransfer printer and labelling machine that covers first, secondary and palette etiquetts. Intercheangable applicator module and well-knit construction enables mounting option almost anywhere onto production line.

We also present our own designed products:

We are very happy to participate in this event. Even though it was our first time at Warsaw Pack we are looking forward to exchanging new ideas again during Warsaw Pack 2020.

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