6 reasons to choose thermal inkjet fro product marking

Thermal inkjet technology is the most interesting alternative to the most popular packaging coding technologies.

Laser marker can operate at very high speed but there are substrates that are difficult for this technology. On the other hand, the most popular inkjet printers show their limitations when the print size and print quality become more and more important or the code should contain more than just alphanumeric strings.

High resolution thermal inkjet technology using HP cartridges is almost a perfect solution.

What makes Thermal Inkjet technology so good and profitable?

High print quality

Resolution up to 600 dpi. Yes, it is possible with the TIJ technology. Its high quality will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

High speed

High productivity of a production line will not decrease. Very high print quality, clear codes are combined with high speed operation, up to 300 m/min.

Flexible applications

Diversity of packaging and the need to stand out make the manufacturers look for new ways to make their brand more visible. Domino TIJ printers can print on various substrates. Moreover, the printhead with hundreds of nozzles can print different types of codes containing 1D or 2D codes, QR codes, graphics, and alphanumeric strings using any font.

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Certified inks

Our main partner Domino has a long-lasting experience in TIJ printers production. They invest a lot in research and development own inks that use water or ethanol base. These inks conform to most strict requirements of food or pharmaceutical industry. The general objective is to achieve the best print quality, short drying time, good light-fastness, rub resistance and good adhesion. Domino’s cooperation with different institutions (e.g. PIRA) keeps testing their inks in the harshest environments expected for the marked packaging. Long experience shows that this is the way to provide best print quality for the whole life of a product. Moreover, Domino belongs to the small group of companies licenced by cartridge manufacturer HP to produce and use their own inks for these cartridges. Among them there are fast-drying, high-contrast, water-based inks for pharmaceutical industry. Its properties make the prints always clearly visible. You can print repeatable top-quality class 2D codes. You can also use new inks that give prints fluorescence in UV light. They provide a discreet track and trace solution for a supply chain. A wide range of specialist inks will satisfy the requirements of most demanding applications.

Favourite technology of pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry was the first to notice the advantages of the Therma Inkjet technology. Changes in pharmaceutical regulations and compulsory serialization of drugs packaging usually require to print o lot of information on a primary packaging: serial number, lot number, DataMatrix code and unique packaging number. Taking into account these high requirements Intrex, as a company specializing in serialization, has chosen to use it in their machines. Domino developed a specialist, fast-drying, water-based BK652 ink for that purpose. This ink has high contrast and its lightfastness maintain high quality of the print through the whole life of pharmaceutical packaging.

Easy installation and integration

Simple design and intuitive operation of Domino TIJ printers eliminate expensive production line stoppages caused by inspections or servicing. They are easy to integrate and a single printer with four printheads can print different codes on four different lines. Optional stitching the printheads can extend the print area to print more information in one cycle. Replenishing ink takes only seconds making this printer almost always ready. Domino is using chipped cartridges that allow the printer to monitor ink level.

Thermal inkjet is the right choice

Changing regulations and growing requirements make Thermal Inkjet marking equipment more and more popular in Poland and other European countries. The exclusive Polish Domino distributor Intrex specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for coding and labelling products.

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