etykietowanie puszek z piwem intrex

Can labelling - solution for Danish brewery ÅBEN


Over the edge-labelling and tamper-evident

Products that require multiple labels are handled by our dedicated solutions, designed to manage various shapes, quantities and different labelling spots. Good example is bottle with front and back label, followed by neck and excise tax band.

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Main features and advantages

Easy system conversions thanks to special marks on controling elements and dedicated software

Precise label application according to random directions and/or onto tagged area

Multicolor panel and intuitive software allows custom configuration of the labeling heads

Password protected access to different settings levels


  • etykieta tamper evident intrex

Technical data

Max label liner width 90 mm, 160 mm, 220 mm
Max label roll diameter 300 mm, 350 mm (optional)
Label sensor Optical, ultrasonic (optional)
Labelling speed up to 40 pcs/ min
Possible product diameter 80-300 mm
Conveyor length 2500 mm

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