Labelling system INTREX SET 2161 PLUS

Labeller is designeded for labelling buckets and other heavy, conical shaped products. Four downthrust rolls allow to precisely position and rotate very heavy buckets. This line is additionally equipped with bail lifting system to remove obstacles from the labelling field on the product.

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Main features and advantages

Labelling heavy and wide diameter objects

Handpiece lifting system

Label is set in line with a tag.

Vacuum dispenser plate allows precise application of labels on cone shaped products


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Technical data

Max label web width 90, 160 or 220 mm
Max label roll diameter 300 mm, 350 mm (option)
Label sensor Optical, ultrasonic (option)
Labelling speed up to 40 pcs/min
Possible product diameter 80-300 mm
Conveyor length 2500 mm

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