Labelling system INTREX 1101 PLUS

Labelling system is based on a 3 roll module. It is designed for precision labelling of cylindrical products like bottles or cans. System can apply one or more partial or full wrap-around labels on a designated area of product.

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Main features and advantages

High precision of label application.

High quality of label application.

Full control of label positioning on a product against a mark, print or cap.

Intrex SMART Panel - intuitive user interface thanks to graphical menu on a full colour touch panel display

Possibility of ink-jet, laser or thermal transfer printer integration for coding or date imprint.



  • 1 set1101 plus 51060300
  • precyzyjne systemy etykietujące

Technical data

Max label web width 90, 160 lub 220 mm
Max label roll diameter 300 mm, 350 mm (option)
Label sensor Optical, ultrasonic (option)
Labelling speed up to 60 pcs/min
Product diameter 30-100 mm
Conveyor length 1500 mm

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