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Automatic labelling system for bags and flat cardboard boxes - Suki Tea Makers Case Study


Domino M230i W100/WR100

Comprehensive labelling device that provides tagging constantly moving products without necessity of stopping each one. Applicator head is designed to ease diverse labels disposal onto package.

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Main features and advantages

Versatile. Various labels application, no need of demanding intervention

Efficent. The longest ink and label ribbons available on the market - up to 600m!

User-friendly. Quick Step intuitive interface and operator's touch panel.




  • etykieciarka w100
  • podajnik etykieciarki intrex
  • etykietowanie w procesie produkcyjnym
  • Automaty drukująco-etykietujące m230i
  • automat etykietujący i drukujący domino
  • etykieciarki Intrex

Technical data

Printer head Thermal ink or thermotransfer
Printing resolution 300 dpi (12 pts/mm) or 200 dpi (8 pts/mm)
Efficiency 20-50 labels/min
Print speed 300 mm/s
Label dimension Max. 110 x 300 mm
Label location Top, side, bottom
Inked ribbon length 600 m
Optional operator's panel TouchPanel 2 - 10,4"

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