TYKMA – Electrox Minilase XL laser station

Large work area, powerful MOPA laser and many operator friendly features make it an ideal solution for electrotechnical, machine, precision or transport equipment industry.

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Main features and advantages

Versatility - spacious, open workspace for safe marking of different products

Ergonomic - three side pneumatic vertical door and power focal height adjustment provide an easy access and help with high volume applications

Flexibility - class 4 for open door marking offers the most expansive part loading area

Reliable - 18-month comprehensive warranty (unlimited hours)



  • minilase znakowarka laserowa

Technical data

Laser type Ytterbium fibre
Standard marking area 100 x 100mm (163 lens)
Maximum part size (163 lens) (WxLxH) 508 x 317 x 320mm
Wavelength 1062 +/-3 nm
Power 20W / 50W
Frequency range / pulse time 1 - 500 kHz / selectable, 40ns or 260ns
System dimensions / weight (WxLxH) 610 x 1079 x 851mm / 91kg

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