SIC Marking XXL-BOX laser stations

SIC Marking XXL-BOX facilitates marking of large products. It is available in 3 different widths (from 1020mm up to 1820mm), with the possibility to work with parts as long as 800, 1200 or even 1600mm. Every XXL-BOX is equipped with high-powered fiber laser to achieve the best quality and performance. SIC Marking laser stations are engineered to work in an industrial environment. Their Class 1- rated security features an integrated safety loop that automatically shuts down the laser when the door is opened.

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Main features and advantages

SIC Marking XXL-BOX laser stations’ modularity means is a choice of several widths (800, 1200 or 1600mm).

Equipped with high-powered fiber lasers and unlimited number of standard and customized options, XXL-BOX stations are very efficient and easy to operate machines.

Their robust and solid steel construction is designed to maximize user comfort and minimize fatigue or hazards in the workplace.


Technical data

Laser type ytterbium fibre
Marking area available 60x60 mm / 100x100 mm / 170x170 mm / 220x220 mm / 300x300 mm
External dimensions 1020/1420/1820 mm x 1040 x 1850 mm
Security secure closing of the class box 1 (standard EN 60825-1)

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