Can labelling - solution for Danish brewery ÅBEN


INTREX SET 1101 Plus - a versatile solution for can and bottle labelling, enhanced by a dedicated infeed table on request. 

ÅBEN is an award-winning Danish brewery whose name means 'openness'. The idea behind the brewery is precisely to be open about the brewing process, creative partnerships and new ways of connecting people through beer. Intrex is please for opportunity to bring the solution to the place where the brewery is passionately produced. 

“It works very well and we are extremely pleased with the system we got!” Philip Hulgaard, CEO ÅBEN

Main features and advantages

Universal labelling solution for cans and bottles

Ability to apply labels around the perimeter and on the front and back side 

Quick changeover between products 

Easy integration with filling and capping lines

High precision label application

High capacity of infeed table

“I think that the equipment that we got now is better and has a higher capacity than what we have seen elsewhere. The labeling machine is very stable – it runs – the machine does not stop!” Philip Hulgaard, CEO ÅBEN

Categories: Labelling