Intrex AP-1000 Automatyzacja linii do etykietowania i pakowania strzykawek

Intrex AP - 1000 Automated labelling and packing line for syringes

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Automated labelling and packing line for syringes

All-in-one solution – syringes labelling and packing line allowed our customer to automate production process, which was initially divided into multiple steps. Manual labour as well as semi-automatic. Now all activities are integrated into one fully automated machine


  • replacing multistage human work with an automatic line
  • multiple syringes and label formats
  • various types of secondary packaging

Intrex AP – 1000 – multiple processes in one machine

Feeding and product handling

High capacity container allows non-stop work for at least 1 hour. Vibrant feeder allows to feed syringes and prepares for robot pick and place action.

Fast pick and place robot - Fanuc M2iA

The robot, with its own camera, locates the layout of syringes to pick them up and precisely place on the transporter.

Intrex 200+ labelling head and thermal transfer overprinter Domino V230i

Domino V230i mounted onto fast Intrex 200 + applicator prints LOT and EXP numbers on label.

Cognex – Vision System

Print is inspected by Cognex vision system with OCR/OCV tools. A label with incorrect print is rejected by rewinding action and is not applied on a syringe. Correct label is applied with high precision on product.

In the next step label presence and cap presence are inspected by Cognex camera. Products with no label or cap are rejected.

Syringes – packing into boxes

Empty box is stabilized and syringes are moved from main conveyor into a box – layer by layer. After each layer, the box is rotated 180 degrees in order to ensure the best layout of syringes inside.

More than 4 formats of boxes, 5 different packing configurations – from 2 to 6 layers

High resolution printer – Domino G320i and packing process verification

During the packing process – high resolution print (2D and production data) is applied by G320i printer mounted onto a traverse. A weighing unit inspects syringes’ presence in the box. Incomplete packed box with incorrect number of syringes is rejected.



 One panel to control and monitor all machines parameters and functions. User friendly and intuitive interface with graphic / visualization hints makes job easy for operator.