Direct marking on protective masks


A solution for direct marking on masks provided to our client at an express speed

On April 17 TZMO – leading manufacturer and supplier of sanitary articles, cosmetics and medical devices to the world market – asked us to select and supply face mask marking equipment. The task was urgent because the first installation should take place on April 27. We gave this project top priority and started planning installation right away.

„TZMO Group is one of our largest customers and at the same time it is the largest user in the world in case of Domino specialist inks used as nappy wetness indicators.”

Katarzyna Augustyniak
CEO, Intrex

In the beginning two print technologies were considered: Continuous Inkjet Printing – Ax‑Series and Thermal Inkjet Printing – G-Series. High production line speed and the need for dermatologically tested ink pointed to Domino G230i – high resolution cartridge printer.

Face masks have direct contact with face skin. Therefore, we offered BK651 – very high contrast, water based, fast drying ink for porous substrates which is already known to the customer. This ink is widely used in pharmaceutical and medical devices industry.

„Supplying equipment and ensuring ink supply for manufacturing hundreds of face masks a day within one week seems to be impossible. Not for Domino. Intrex experience and quick reaction allowed the equipment to be delivered before April 21” – Tim Chapman, Business Development Manager, Domino

After some preparations at Intrex we could install all the equipment on customer lines. Production of specialist face masks is a big challenge. Face masks made from certified materials have a label ‘open’ and an arrow printed on the inner side of a mask close to the edges to show how to open the mask and put the loops around the ears.

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