Intrex AP-1000 Automatyzacja linii do etykietowania i pakowania strzykawek

Intrex AP - 1000 Automated labelling and packing line for syringes

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Automotive Conference


The fifth edition of the Automotive Conference – industry forum dedicated to adapting the latest solutions, digitizing and optimizing production.

175 specialists took part in this meeting to talk about trends in automotive industry, digitalization, automation and robotics in production processes meaning continuous development and innovation.

Intrex and Cognex believe in the power of artificial intelligence. Therefore, they made a joint presentation of Practical application of artificial intelligence and verification of 2D code quality in industrial environment.  

On our stand we presented our latest products and solutions using vision systems and industrial code reading.

Deep Learning VisionPro ViDi software: The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with VisionPro and Cognex Designer software. For applications that are too difficult, troublesome or expensive for conventional vision systems

 • 3D area scan camera: 3D-A5000 easily fits 3D applications presenting unparalleled speed and precision

 • In-Sight 7802 vision systems: Quick and precise checks for a wide range of products in all industries

 • DataMan 374 code reader: Ideal tool for reading difficult DPM codes.

More about vision systems:

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